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CBS Wants Steve Howey to Fill Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Shoes in True Lies Pilot

Photo: Paul Archuleta/WireImage

CBS has not yet given up on the long-developing TV version of True Lies. A TV adaptation of the 1994 action comedy was first announced in 2010 with a script by the film’s director, James Cameron. That one never blossomed, and a McG-helmed pilot was announced in 2017 by 20th Century Studios (then known as 20th Century Fox. Were we ever so young?). The latest version of the McG-ified series now has a new lead to play the meek geek husband with a secret. The True Lies film tells the story of a housewife (Jamie Lee Curtis) who discovers that her dud of a hubby (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is actually a supercool superspy. She helps him foil bad guys and does a little striptease, and the couple gets their groove back while saving the world.

Variety announced that Shameless star Steve Howey will play the husband in a new version of the pilot for CBS. Howey played bartender and Gallagher-clan pal Kevin Ball in all 11 seasons of the Showtime series. Aside from Shameless, he is perhaps best known as the teen baby daddy in Reba. Burn Notice creator Matt Nix is writing the pilot and serving as executive producer of this most recent attempt to get a True Lies show off the ground.

Steve Howey of ‘Reba’ to Star in a ‘True Lies’ Pilot for CBS