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If You’re Lost, You Can Look and You Will Find Rosamund Pike in the Wheel of Time Trailer

While you’ve been pivoting to video, Amazon Prime took a look around the television landscape and said … let’s just do expensive fantasy, we guess? In the first trailer for The Wheel of Time, adapted from the Robert Jordan novels, Rosamund Pike stars as a fabulously cloaked member of an all-female organization called the Aes Sedai, all of whom live in a world where only certain women possess the powers of magic. That’s right, boys. As always, you’re a risk by association. “The power inside you: All over the world, there are different names for it,” Pike’s character, Moiraine, narrates. “But it’s one thing. One power. And the women who can touch it, we protect the world.” Moiraine and a group of fighters proceed to embark on a journey to, well, protect their world. The series will premiere on November 19.

Rosamund Pike Saves Humanity in the Wheel of Time Trailer