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Benedict Cumberbatch Is the First Man to Make Cat Memes in Louis Wain Trailer

If you’re disappointed that a Benedict Cumberbatch film called The Electrical Life of Louis Wain isn’t about a bumbling robot, don’t be, because it’s about something even better: a man who draws cats. The trailer for this period-piece biopic sees Cumberbatch playing Wain, a British illustrator active from the late 1800s to the early 1900s best known for his whimsical and proto-psychedelic illustrations of cats. This leads to plenty of shots in the trailer of Cumberbatch playing with kittens, which is huge news for Tumblr. It also means that Claire Foy, playing a governess who in real life was ten years Wain’s senior (Foy’s 37 and Cumberbatch is 45, though, because Hollywood), says things like, “I think you’re the first person to see that cats are ridiculous,” before they make out. The Electrical part of the title factors in as Wain begins to “sense” electricity and incorporate it into his art, which actually led to institutionalization and theories on whether he contracted toxoplasmosis through cat feces. Sad, but also, cats! It’s out October 22 in theaters and November 5 on Prime Video.

Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Cat Memes in Louis Wain Trailer