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Consider the Lab-Grown Dino Meat in David Chang’s The Next Thing You Eat Trailer

Without massive change at government and corporate levels, climate change is inevitable. Meanwhile, global food-supply chains are in flux. And despite all this, celebrity chef David Chang is feeling optimistic. “Maybe I have a concussion or something,” he jokes. In the trailer for his new Hulu series The Next Thing You Eat (which was co-produced by our corporate cousins over at Vox Media Studios), the man behind Momofuku and Ugly Delicious explores the “unbelievable ingenuity” happening in every sector of food science to combat these issues. These solutions? Mostly robots. In the trailer we see robot delivery “people,” robot vegetable pickers, a robot fry cook, and some sort of robot bartender. Chang also marvels at lab-grown meat and fish and wonders about growing something like geoduck in a lab. An expert responds: “You can go even further back and do its ancestor, the dinosaur.” So either this is a six-episode docuseries or a horror-movie prequel. The Next Thing You Eat premieres October 21 on Hulu.

David Chang Is a Food Futurist in Next Thing You Eat Trailer