2 masked 2 singer

Trailer For Fox’s New Singing Competition Combines Digital Performance and Grimes

Photo: FOX/YouTube

Get ready! There is going to be a new singing competition show on FOX involving creepy costumes and surprises. And no, it’s not called “2 Masked 2 Singer”. Fox released the trailer for their newest singing competition show Alter Ego, where contestants perform as digital avatars in front of a live audience. Think The Circle meets The Masked Singer meets iRobot. Contestants create performances using motion capture technology and appear on stage with real backup dancers. They briefly share various reasons for choosing to perform through an avatar, of course with the classic reality competition tears, this time digitally. Judges for the competition include Alanis Morissette, Nick Lachey, Grimes, and will.i.am.

Is this a part of Grimes’s viral path to communism? Will Elon Musk make a guest appearance? Are digital tears salty? How many social distancing jokes will they make? Hopefully, our questions can be answered (with more to be asked) on Alter Ego’s two-night premiere on Wednesday, September 22nd & Thursday, September 23rd!

Trailer for Fox’s Alter Ego Has Digital Avatars and Grimes