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Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Watch the Return of James Adomian’s Glorious Mike Lindell Impression

Jimmy Kimmel is finally back from vacation, which means more shitting on the MyPillow Guy. Comedian James Adomian has been guesting on the show (when the real MyPillow Guy isn’t in the studio). This time, Adomian’s Lindell was using a blowtorch on a Redbox, which he was convinced was a voting machine. “It’s a Red Communist Chinese Box, and it’s here to steal the presidency from our Donald J. Trump.” Kimmel and Lindell caught up, and shared enthusiasm for Erin Brockovich (“She’s a lawyer who sues people with her cleavage!”). Lindell also addressed the alleged attempt on his life that he’s convinced was perpetrated by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

James Adomian’s MyPillow Guy Returns to Kimmel