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The Circle Season Three Trailer: There’s An Imposter Among Us

Open Circle Chat. We have some tea to spill. #RoundThree #NewTrailer Netflix has released the trailer for The Circle season three and it has more twists than their new pickup Manifest can manifest. But first, meet the players (with their IGs because we’re all nosy investigative journalists here): Nick, Ruksana, Calvin, Michelle, Kai, Daniel, Matthew, and sisters Ava & Chanel. They’ll be playing as Ava, but we’re already intrigued by Chanel’s energy. The trailer packs in the chaos from game playing to fake flirting to copycat accounts. “Is that her twin?” Ruksana wonders about Michelle 2. The rules are confusing, but that’s what makes it fun! Comedian Michelle Buteau returns as your lovely and charming host, guiding you through all the perplexing things people do when they’re isolated in a room full of cameras. The four-week streaming event begins September 8 with new episodes every Wednesday until the finale on September 29. Yeah, it’s an event. Some of us have very little going on right now, okay? We wanna see someone win $100,000!

The Circle Trailer: There’s An Imposter Among Us