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Seth Meyers to MSNBC: Give Little Steven a Political Show, You Cowards

Seth Meyers tackled the problem of asymmetrical polarization on his “Closer Look” segment tonight. Only the person who most succinctly explained the issue wasn’t a historian or pundit, it was Steve Van Zandt. You know, the star and co-writer of Netflix’s Lilyhammer? We all remember Lilyhammer. Anyway, Van Zandt went on Brian Williams’s show and explained asymmetrical polarization better than it’s ever been done, saying, “We are in a war, and only one side is fighting it.” Boom goes the dynamite. Meyers then argued that Van Zandt should get his own show on MSNBC called Little Steven, Big Ideas. The poet laureate of the underground garage deserves nothing less.

Watch Seth Meyers Call for a Little Steven MSNBC Show