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Watch Seth Meyers Kick Off Climate Night With a Billy Joel Parody

September 22 was Climate Night across all of late-night TV (minus, in a shocking turn of events, Guttfeld!). Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Late Show, The Late Late Show, The Tonight Show, Late Night, WWHL, The Daily Show, and Full Frontal all dedicated their runtimes to the issues surrounding our climate crisis. And because the term “late night” is completely meaningless in a world of pre-tapes and YouTube, Late Night With Seth Meyers was one off the first shows to have its content on YouTube. Meyers’s “Closer Look” segs publish hours before the show airs, as part of a long-running fundraiser. Meyers addressed reasons we have to be hopeful about averting the worst of total climate collapse, if we cut fossil-fuel lobbies off at the ankle. If not, we are in for more verses of his Billy Joel parody called “We Did Start the Fire.” We can’t take it anymore!

Watch Seth Meyers Begin Climate Night With Some Billy Joel