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Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga Have a Past in Rebecca Hall’s Passing Trailer

During the Harlem Renaissance, author Nella Larsen published the novel Passing, about two friends, one of whom “passes” as white and keeps her background a secret from the world, including her husband. With themes of race, class, and sexuality, the subject matter remains complicated and fascinating nearly a century later. Today, Netflix released the trailer for its film of the same name, which also marks the directorial debut of Rebecca Hall. Shot in beautiful black-and-white cinematography and wearing cloche hats, Tessa Thompson plays the knowing Irene Redfield, who is shaken by her friend’s lifestyle. Ruth Negga is the “passing” Clare Kendry, who is married to Alexander Skarsgård playing yet another monstrous white man (this time an openly racist one). “Nothing,” says a caption in the trailer, “is black and white.” Except for this movie. Passing will play in select theaters in October and on Netflix November 10. Don’t pass it up.

Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga Have a Past in Passing Trailer