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Picard Season-Two Trailer: Oh No Q Didn’t!

Spoilers for Star Trek: Picard season 1
Time-travel shenanigans appear to be the order of the day in the trailer for Star Trek: Picard season two. In the season-one finale, Picard died, met up with Data in digital heaven, then un-died into a synth body. That’s a big afternoon for anybody. Now it looks like Q, everyone’s favorite trans-dimensional phreak, is back to bug Picard in his second life just as much as Q did in his first. “Mon Capitaine,” John de Lancie says, “how I’ve missed you.” And how we’ve missed Q! The prestige-ified Star Trek universe could use a little mariachi band nonsense. Q says that this season will be the end of the road not taken, implying that we’re in for some parallel universes, alternate timelines, or whatnot. And given that Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine is shocked to wake up without her Borg implants, it appears Q is taking more than just Jean-Luc along for his wild ride. Picard season two premieres on Paramount+ in 2022. A third season was shot simultaneously, but there’s no definitive release date as yet.

Update September 8: As part of its big Star Trek Day publicity push, Paramount+ released another trailer for Picard season two. In this trailer, we learn that Q has shunted the La Sirena crew into an alternate timeline where Earth is under a totalitarian dictatorship. To fix this, the gang somehow uses the Borg Queen to time-travel to our present. In order to defeat future fascists, Picard will presumably have to take care of the ones we’ve got now? Picard season two will debut on Paramout+ in February 2022.

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