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Demi Lovato Is a Self-Proclaimed ‘UFO Experiencer’ in the Unidentified Trailer

Demi Lovato may not say the word aliens in the trailer for Unidentified With Demi Lovato, but otherwise the show looks to be the embodiment of that History Channel meme. “I had this crazy experience that happened to me in Joshua Tree,” explains Lovato, a self-professed “UFO experiencer.” “My goal is to find out what really happened.” Aliens! That’s what the show posits, anyway, with Lovato taking their friend Matthew Scott Montgomery and sister Dallas Lovato out to the desert to meet with some UFO experts (??) and gasp many times, all in the name of “the truth” (and television). Unidentified hits Peacock on September 30.

Unidentified Trailer Stars Demi Lovato, ‘UFO Experiencer’