c'est tip top!

Regardez Wes Anderson’s Animated Music Video for The French Dispatch

Regardez ça: Wes Anderson has directed a music video for his upcoming film The French Dispatch, and it’s full of Easter eggs for those of us waiting patiently to go see it when it hits theaters on October 22. The music video is for a cover of the 1966 French pop ballad “Aline,” sung originally by Christophe but this time by Jarvis Cocker, in character as a popular crooner in the French Dispatch universe named Tip-Top. The music video, illustrated and animated by Javi Aznarez, shows Tip-Top twirling and stumbling through the fictional French town in which The French Dispatch is set, traipsing his way through a number of settings from the film: the alleyways, the prison, and the offices of the Liberty, Kansas, Evening Sun’s foreign bureau. It’s a real Où est Waldo? of Anderson regulars, from Willem Dafoe as Albert “The Abacus” to Jason Schwartzman as Hermès Jones to Anjelica Huston as a puppet-wielding Narrator. See how many you can count.

Regardez Wes Anderson’s Cartoon French Dispatch Music Video