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Battle of the Couples Costume: MGK/Megan Fox vs. Kravis

Photo: MTV/YouTube

Halloween has an extra degree of difficulty for couples. Do you do separate costumes, and telegraph to the world that you retain your individuality while within the romantic bond? Or do you attempt the dreaded couples costume? On the plus side, it presents a unified front to the world, and if one member of the couple isn’t really “into Halloween,” it takes the pressure off them to have to think of anything. However, in many couples costumes there is a power imbalance. One Twitter user really hit the nail on the head by pointing out how many straight couples’ costumes are really just an excuse for the girl to turn her bf into a prop.

This year there are not one, but two celeb power couples that break this format. In a Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox or Kourtney Kardashian/Travis Barker couples costume, no one is the prop. No one is the least extra. What’s more, these couples dress “spooky” all year long. Fake blood is a cosmetic for MGK, and spikes are a must-do accessory for Kravis. So if you want to take advantage of one of these most topical of couples costumes, how do you choose? Here’s a handy guide.

If You Want to Dress Warmly, Go Kravis

A Travis Barker costume almost demands a beanie. So colder climates may want to go the Kravis route rather than MGK/Megan Fox. Kourtney isn’t exactly demure, and Travis is often sleeveless, but overall there is slightly more fabric covering an average Kravis Kostume.

If You Wanna Get ’Em Out, Be Megan Fox

Conversely, if you’re craving a heaux moment, you need to find someone to dye their tongue for you. Megan Fox is still queen of bodycon. So if you want a costume that’s basically just attending the function as “a hot person,” this is the one for you.

If You Love a Prop, It’s Kravis Time

Drumsticks! Fun! These will get lost at the function.

If the Caption Matters to You, Be MGK

Any Megan Fox/MGK costume comes with the built-in caption “I am weed.” Simple, iconic, to the point. So if you value the written word (or if you are weed), this is the ’stume for you.

If You’re Poly, Be Both

Since the two couples are linked in the public imagination, a group MGK/Fox/Kravis costume is one of the few options for a polycule. Tragically often, a group costume is deeply nonsexual. Dressing up as Kirk Fox and some Legends of the Hidden Temple competitors does not telegraph to the world that everyone’s fucking. Whereas dressing up as either of these couples means committing to numerous make-out photo ops throughout the evening. A warning: If you are not actually in a four-way relationship (as presumably Kravis/MGK/Fox are not), you will still give off that vibe all night in this getup.

Battle of the Couples Costume: MGK/Megan Fox Versus Kravis