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Bravo Is Being Subpoenaed for More Erika Jayne Details

Photo: Bravo/YouTube

This is really the month for subpoenaing text messages, huh? Bravo has been subpoenaed in the ongoing legal dispute between Tom Girardi, Erika Girardi, and attorney Jay Edelson. Edelson spoke to Fox News and Page Six. Girardi was accused of embezzling $2 million from the Lion Air Flight 610 victims’ families. It is still a question in both legal spheres and episode of Watch What Happens Live just what Erika Jayne did and did not know about Tom’s money.

“We believe that Bravo has hundreds of hours of unaired footage, as well as documentary evidence, which directly relates to this case,” Edelson told Fox News, also accusing the network of enriching itself through exploiting the tragedy. They are seeking footage, text messages, emails, and contracts relating to Jayne and Girardi. “The victims have had to endure watching the ‘Real Housewives’ cast do things like eat caviar pie and drink specially-made vodka served by white-gloved staff as they pay lip service to the lives Tom has ruined,” he said.

Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne has been accused of hiding the crash victims’ money through a “sham” divorce. Responding to Page Six, Jayne’s lawyer said “the subpoena is another desperation move and pile-on directed at Erika. There is no hidden treasure.” He repeated that “Erika’s divorce filing was for legitimate reasons and she has been trying to make it on her own.”

Bravo Is Being Subpoenaed for More Erika Jayne Details