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Charli XCX Dances on Her Grave for Fallon ‘Good Ones’ Performance

Hyperpop may be dead, but Charli XCX? Undead, baby. The performer took to The Tonight Show stage on October 6 to perform her new single “Good Ones,” complete with her own grave. (It is spooky season.) In an echo of the song’s music video, Charli’s performance began with her crawling out of her grave, before two and a half minutes of pure energy. There’s smoke, there’s leather, there’s choreography — this is straight-up pop music we’re talking about here. “Good Ones” follows Charli’s 2020 album how i’m feeling now, and when she released it last month, the singer teased it as the beginning of a “new chapter” about “fame, glamour, inner demons and global hits.” Outer demons too, judging from that performance.

Charli XCX Dances on Her Grave Playing ‘Good Ones’ on Fallon