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COVID Doesn’t Exist in Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Season 11 Trailer

Yeah, obviously this is pretty good. No need to say it three times. The trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 11th season has finally graced us with its presence, and along with Larry David doing his always welcome Larry David shtick, we have Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Richard Lewis, Cheryl Hines, Jon Hamm, Vince Vaughn, and Richard Kind’s characters causing their usual amount of ruckus. (Okay, but where the hell is Ted Danson? HELLO???) There may not be any COVID talk so far, but at least we’ll get a screed about how ratty Larry’s towels are. “I can’t sit in traffic. I’m too smart. You’d have to have done something stupid to be in traffic. I don’t belong here,” Larry muses in the trailer. “I hate people individually but love mankind.” The new season will premiere on HBO Max on October 24.

COVID Doesn’t Exist in Curb Your Enthusiasm’s New Trailer