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Please Take in Jennifer Tilly’s Bride of Chucky Dress on WWHL

It is spooky season, bitches. And if you didn’t know that, Jennifer Tilly is here to tell you. Tilly wore a bedazzled mini dress with Tiffany, her Bride of Chucky character, emblazoned on her tummy. Her boobs were being kept in line with some couture safety pins, and the look was topped off with a Chucky tiara. Welcome to fashion, idiots! Tilly came for fellow scream queen Kyle Richards, calling her an instigator. Well that out fit is instigating my interest in buying a be-dazzler. Consider this a reminder that Jennifer Tilly is reprising her role in the upcoming Chucky TV series, Halloween Horror Nights has a Chucky activation at Universal Studios Orlando, and that John Waters has a supporting role in Seed of Chucky. Happy Halloween!

Gaze Upon Jennifer Tilly’s Bride of Chucky Dress on WWHL