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Matt Amodio, Adorable Nerd, Now Has Jeopardy!’s Second-Longest Winning Streak

Photo: Jeopardy Productions Inc.

What is … the man who loves saying “what’s”? Matt Amodio broke yet another Jeopardy! record on the show’s October 1 episode, with the Ph.D. student now becoming the No. 2 player in all-time consecutive wins. With his 33rd win and total prize money of $1,267,801, Amodio surpassed James Holzhauer in win count; Holzhauer notched 32 games during his remarkable run in 2019. (The two are cutely sparring on Twitter, by the way. Choose your fighter!) The reigning champ remains dozens of wins behind his personal hero, Ken Jennings, who set the record of 74 games in 2004. Nevertheless, “to be right behind him,” Amodio said in a statement, “is a surreal experience.” And he’ll get a chance to be right in front of Jennings if he keeps winning, as the GOAT resumes guest-hosting duties next month. Who knows, maybe Amodio will be GOAT Jr.

Matt Amodio Now Has Jeopardy!’s Second-Longest Win Streak