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Mitt Romney Will Not Stop Tweeting Himself As Ted Lasso

Mitt Romney as Ted Lasso. Not Jason Sudeikis. Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Mitt Romney thinks he is Ted Lasso, and Twitter is having a field day with it. The United States senator from Utah spent his waking hours of 7:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. dressed up as the Jason Sudeikis character, wearing a yellow whistle and sprouting an aggressively bushy mustache. It should also be noted that he did have an outfit change from navy-blue dad sweater to navy-blue dad sweater. It is even more important to note the timestamps of each of his tweets, because this man really spent five hours making five tweets. Please see for yourself. At 7:45, he tells us you can’t lose, but if you remember correctly, 2012 tells us a different story:

At 9:39 he returns with a li’l outfit change and advice to warm our bodies, which are supposed to be like day-old rice. We agree these tweets could warm up in a rice cooker, or maybe burn at a firepit:

Now he gives us two tweets at 10:57. Mitt is serving us both navy-blue dad sweater again and a mysterious pink box?!

Finally, he puts us out of our misery with one last tweet at 12:45:

The internet has spoken: Leave the comedy to the pros. Season two of real Ted Lasso is out on Apple TV+ now.

Mitt Romney Will Not Stop Tweeting Himself As Ted Lasso