Treasure Hunters Doc Will Adapt a New York Mag Piece That Was Pure Gold

Forrest Fenn Photo: Jeri Clausing/AP/Shutterstock/Jeri Clausing/AP/Shutterstock

Hands up if you’re still childhood whimsy-pilled enough to believe that you still maybe, just maybe, will find a buried treasure chest someday. Now, hands up if those hopes were kind of bolstered when you read the New York Magazine piece “The Great 21st-Century Treasure Hunt,” about the art collector Forrest Fenn, who buried $2 million in treasure (real gold coins!) in 2010 and made an elaborate cryptic puzzle to guide one lucky person to find it. Today, Vox Media Studios and Nomadica Films announced that they will be adapting the article by Benjamin Wallace into a documentary feature for Netflix. Directed by Theo Love and produced by Bryan Storkel, Treasure Hunt will document the story of Fenn’s treasure, the thousands of people who searched for it, the ones who died trying, and former journalist Jack Stuef, who claims to have found it. “So why does no one believe him? Is the treasure still out there somewhere?,” reads the synopsis.

If you were one of the over 400,000 people who took part in Fenn’s treasure hunt, and you’re willing to take part in this doc, you can apply to here.

The Upcoming Treasure Hunters Documentary Will Dig for Gold