Phoebe Bridgers Released Her ‘That Funny Feeling’ Cover on Bandcamp

Photo: Astrida Valigorsky/Getty Images

Lately, Phoebe Bridgers has been covering “That Funny Feeling,” a song from Bo Burnham’s recent comedy special Inside, on tour. (The two even dueted it at the Los Angeles club Largo.) But now, you don’t have to catch Bridgers on tour to hear her rendition of that acoustic ballad about how the world’s falling apart. Bridgers released her cover to Bandcamp today, coinciding with Bandcamp Friday, when 100 percent of proceeds from the site go directly to artists. Bridgers, instead, is directing all proceeds from the song to a group of Texas abortion funds, in response to the recent abortion ban passed in the state. “This one’s for Greg Abbott,” she said in a statement, calling out the governor. And if you’ve been looking for something new to listen to while, uh, reading Pornhub’s terms of service or obeying all the traffic laws in Grand Theft Auto V, you’re in luck.

Phoebe Bridgers Released Her Bo Burnham Cover on Bandcamp