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Here’s Everything Trailer: Ricky Velez Is Here to Offend Ugly Babies

You should know him and now you will know him. Comedian Ricky Velez has landed his own HBO comedy special, Here’s Everything. Known for his turn in The King of Staten Island (which he also produced), appearances on The Nightly Show, and as one of Vulture’s Comedians You Should Know of 2020, the Queens native arrives to his first hour-long special with a firm understanding of who he is and what he stands for. “I’m Irish and Puerto Rican, that’s my mix,” he opens the trailer. “I’m just happy I’m not gay because that’s way too many parades to go to. ‘Yo, where’s Ricky at?’ ‘He got another parade, y’all, he can’t chill.’” From executive producers Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson, Here’s Everything offers Velez’s unfiltered perspective as a millennial New Yorker, honestly and unapologetically, unafraid to offend the most vulnerable among us. “I will not like your ugly baby,” he sneers into the mic. “I will not!” Now, there’s a comedian you can respect for their opinions. Here’s Everything, directed by Michael Bonfiglio, arrives October 23 on HBO.

Here’s Everything Trailer: Ricky Velez Is Anti-Ugly Baby