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Spoon’s ‘The Hardest Cut’ Is, As the Name Suggests, One of Spoon’s Hardest Cuts

Twenty-five years on, Spoon is still keeping things fresh. The band’s most recent new album, 2017’s Hot Thoughts, found the Texas rockers digging into dance music and electronics; before that, 2014’s career-high They Want My Soul featured lush, baroque arrangements like “Inside Out.” Now, the band is pivoting again, turning to guitar-forward classic rock on its upcoming tenth album, Lucifer on the Sofa, out February 11, 2022. “It’s the sound of classic rock as written by a guy who never did get Eric Clapton,” lead singer-songwriter Britt Daniel said in a statement. The first offering, “The Hardest Cut,” makes good on that promise. It’s one of Spoon’s hardest-rocking songs ever, pairing heavy detuned guitars and a jaunty solo (inspired by ZZ Top, per Daniel) with another of the band’s expectedly catchy choruses. The eerie rock-concert–meets–slasher-film music video also makes good on the song’s title, arriving with near-perfect timing just days before Halloween. It’s almost enough to forgive all that time without new Spoon.

Spoon’s ‘The Hardest Cut’ Is One of Spoon’s Hardest Cuts