Stephen Colbert Wants His Late-Night Podcast to Be ‘TikTok for Your Ears’

Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Listen up: Stephen Colbert has launched a companion podcast for his late-night show, and he wants you to know that it will be like “TikTok for your ears.” “It gives you everything you want,” Colbert said on Monday’s show, the first to be recorded as an episode for the podcast. “All the jokes, all the guests, and no deadly neurotoxins. Can Conan’s podcast say the same?” Naturally, the first guest featured on The Late Show Pod Show With Stephen Colbert was fellow podcaster Bruce Springsteen. In great news for anyone who likes TV but doesn’t really want to watch it, the podcast is basically just an audio version of the televised show. It also airs right after, so listeners won’t be kept waiting for too long. While Colbert isn’t the first late-night host to delve into the world of audio — see Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and Samantha Bee — he may very well be the first to promote his podcast by pretending to be a clock. “Tick, tock,” he repeated in a rehearsal clip, emphasizing his TikTok comparison. Perhaps it’s a good thing that Colbert has become immune to embarrassment.

Stephen Colbert Hopes His Podcast Is ‘TikTok for Your Ears’