Steve Buscemi’s Self-Referential 30 Rock Costume Won Halloween

Photo: NBCUniversal/YouTube

Pack it in, folks. We have a winner. Spooky Season 2021 officially goes to Steve Buscemi, dressed as his undercover cop meme from 30 Rock. Twitter got snaps of the Hubie Halloween star handing out candy on his New York City block. Not pictured, but present: Elvis Costello, who also goes all-in on the holiday. Apologies to all the Dan Flash and Kravis Kouple getups, but Buscemi’s got us all beat.

Perhaps better known as the “Fellow Kids” meme, a.k.a. what you post when a brand or an old is trying to be hip, Buscemi’s look comes from the season six episode “The Tuxedo Begins.” Freaked after a mugging, Jack Donaghy calls in his private investigator bud, Lenny Wosniak, who once tried to infiltrate a high school 21 Jump Street–style. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely tell this fellow kid where he could score molly.

Steve Buscemi’s 30 Rock Costume Won Halloween