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Succession’s Sarah Snook Had a Secret Wedding Earlier This Year

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Like character, like actor. Sarah Snook got married earlier this year, she revealed in an interview for the cover of Vogue Australia, following in the footsteps of her Succession character Shiv Roy. The Australian actor married comedian and TV host Dave Lawson, a longtime friend whom she said she lived with during the COVID-19 lockdown last year and “fell in love” with. “We’ve been friends since 2014, lived together, travelled together, always excited to see each other, but totally platonic,” Snook told the magazine. “We’ve just never been single at the same time.” And it sounds like Snook’s wedding went down a tad bit differently than Shiv’s glitzy nuptials to Tom Wambsgans on the English countryside. “I proposed and we got married in February in my backyard,” she said, for one. And on top of that, Snook’s friend Ash Zukerman served as the witness — unlike his own Succession character Nate, Shiv’s romantic temptation who gets kicked out of her wedding reception after Tom learns they had an affair.

So don’t go confusing Snook for Shiv. “I have no idea what it is like to be a billionaire, other than through research,” the actor added. “Whereas, I’m on this farm with Dave in nature and I’m like, ‘Woo hoo.’” As for Lawson, he seems supportive of Snook’s work on the show — even making her a trophy out of foil when she lost her Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Emmy.

Succession’s Sarah Snook Had a Secret Wedding This Year