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Catherine Comes for Her Crown in The Great’s Season-Two Trailer

Huzzah! Our other favorite family-dynasty dramedy is back, with a new figure in charge. That’d be The Great, in which Catherine finally takes power in season two. The trailer finds her being crowned Catherine the Great post-coup — and her husband Peter, in usual form, saying her title “seems arrogant.” “It is if you’re not great,” replies Elle Fanning’s Catherine. “If you are, it is just calling things what they are.” As Catherine herself said, she’s winning! The rest of the trailer is full of Catherine’s poised insults toward Nicholas Hoult’s bumbling Peter — she’d “rather choke to death on this tiny chicken” than have sex with him, she says during one dinner; at a different point, she adds, “I look at you and go dry like sand.” But Peter is also busy plotting his return to the throne, while having to protect Catherine, who’s pregnant with his unborn son. Find out how well that goes when The Great season two hits Hulu on November 19. Can’t wait quite that long? Catch the odd couple themselves, Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, in action at Vulture Festival in Los Angeles on November 13.

Catherine Comes for Her Crown in The Great Season-2 Trailer