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The Wendy Williams Show Will Return October 18, Wendy Williams-less

Photo: Bravo/YouTube

Wendy Williams will not be returning to her eponymous show when new episodes begin airing on October 18. Last month, Williams appeared to have contracted a breakthrough case of COVID-19, and took several weeks off filming her talk show to recuperate. Later in September, it was announced that she was suffering from ongoing health issues, and that the show would continue to air repeats for a few more weeks. Williams was indeed suffering from more than just COVID, as she was also dealing with complications from Graves’ Disease. Williams announced her diagnosis with the autoimmune disease in 2018, which can result in hyperthyroidism. The Wendy Williams Show Instagram announced today that guest hosts would fill in for Wendy as she continues to be under medical supervision.

“As soon as she’s ready,” the post read, “she will be back in her treasured purple chair.” No announcement was made as to whomst would be occupying Wendy’s chair, however. Both Nick Cannon and Jerry O’Connell have taken up Wendy’s hosting duties in the past.

The Wendy Williams Show Will Return, Wendy Williams-less