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The Tick, Tick … BOOM! Trailer Is Two and a Half Minutes of Impostor Syndrome

How about a fresh quarter-life crisis for your Monday morning? Netflix released the full trailer for its tick, tick … BOOM! adaptation on October 4, finding Andrew Garfield as composer Jonathan Larson, staring down the big 3-0 and wondering what he has to show for it. An autobiographical musical, tick, tick … BOOM! follows the famed Rent composer trying to write his opus, alongside his girlfriend Susan (Alexandra Shipp) and friend Michael (Robin de Jesús), who talk him out of his stressing — or at least try their best. “You need to ask, are you letting yourself be led by fear or love?” Michael asks in the trailer. “Fear!” Jonathan replies. “A hundred percent, fear!”

Because actions speak louder than words, director Lin-Manuel Miranda (you thought he wouldn’t be involved?) also shared the cast’s performance of the opening song, “30/90,” along with today’s trailer. Here’s one thing not to stress about: Andrew Garfield can sing! Hear more when tick, tick … BOOM! hits theaters on November 12 and Netflix on November 19.

Tick, Tick … BOOM! Trailer: Two Minutes of Impostor Syndrome