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Um, What Happened to All Your Memes?

Photo: @findurmeme/Twitter

Where were you when the meme world ended? On Thursday, October 28, megapopular Twitter meme account @findurmeme — at the time with more than 400,000 followers — was suspended, sending stans and groupies into a panic. Throughout its tenure, the Twitter page became the holy grail for reaction memes, hard-to-find videos, and viral clips from very specific pop-culture moments. (Wendy Williams saying, “She is the moment,” or Trisha Paytas eating butter noodles for eight seconds until saying “so good.”) Their sudden absence is big! It is (cc: my Vulture colleagues) HOLD YOUR HORSES major.

In a DM to Vulture, the owner of the account — who also posted from their burner @findurvideo on the same day, reassuring the world they were “working on getting” the OG account back up — said the reason for the ban was “platform manipulation or spam.” They also wrote that it seems like Twitter is taking similar action with larger accounts for the same reason, referencing a “grip of [suspended] K-pop accounts.” The @findurmeme owner has submitted an appeal and is currently “devastated” over the suspension, as are their devoted followers. In a statement to Vulture, a Twitter spokesperson said that the account referenced “was permanently suspended due to violation of the Twitter Rules against spam and platform manipulation.”

This story has been updated with additional reporting.

But hey, at least we still have Meta!!!

Um, What Happened to All Your Memes?