Walmart Will Sell Merch for Squid Game and Other Netflix Hits in a New Shopping Hub

Photo: Youngkyu Park/Netflix

Where’s Gong Yoo and his briefcase full of cash when you need him? Walmart will soon start selling merch for Squid Game and several other hit Netflix titles, thanks to a new partnership with the streaming service. In addition to Squid Game T-shirts, products coming to the Netflix Hub this fall include a Stranger Things Bluetooth cassette player, Nailed It! baking kits, and a Witcher doll of Geralt that will play recordings of Henry Cavill’s character. According to the product description, not all of those Geralt quotes may be suitable for children — but not to worry, the retailer is also planning to offer merch for kids shows like Waffles + Mochi, CoComelon, and Ada Twist, Scientist.

Netflix already has its own online store, and it’s sold products with other retailers. But this digital storefront at Walmart is the first deal of its kind for the streaming service. Per the Wall Street Journal, Netflix chairman and co-CEO Reed Hastings doesn’t expect e-commerce to bring in a significant amount of revenue for the company; it’s more about getting people interested in Netflix’s entertainment. Seemingly with that in mind, Walmart will also launch a crowd-sourced service called Netflix Fan Select where fans will have “the opportunity to vote for merchandise they’d like to see from favored Netflix shows — and then Walmart merchants will bring them to life.” As the streaming wars rage on, we’ll see how this move plays out in the bloody battle for subscribers.

Walmart to Sell Merch for Squid Game and Other Netflix Hits