Aristotle Athari’s Angelo Makes a Wonderfully Weird Debut on SNL

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live saw Aristotle Athari introduce the world to the mumbly improv singer Angelo, star of the night’s 10-to-1 sketch (Athari thereby escaping the curse of no-screen-time that plagues so many new featured players). Angelo is a little bit of Garth mixed in with Nick the Lounge Singer, but it’s his ambiguous accent that puts truly him over the top. Performing for Daniel Craig’s annoyed audience member and his girlfriend (Cecily Strong), Angelo’s many talents are only heightened by the addition of Rami Malek as Todd, a weird li’l guy who doesn’t do much but still makes a huge impression. The sketch, which was written by the Please Don’t Destroy boys, hits its peak when Todd breaks out the ribbons at the end. Watch the full sketch above.

Aristotle Athari’s Angelo Makes Wonderfully Weird SNL Debut