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Watch the Cast of Squid Game Talk Big, Big Doll on The Tonight Show

The monoculture is back, I guess? And once again, The Tonight Show is at its gooey center. Squid Game is getting viewing numbers the likes of which streaming has never seen. Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show got Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, and Jung Ho-yeon — a big get, for a telecasted interview. The cast was even subjected to some classic Fallon gamesmanship (as if these guys hadn’t already had enough games). It’s interesting to see how COVID-era remote interviewing can be harnessed for much less depressing uses, such as making interviews with translators look much more seamless. The cast even explained the origins of everyone’s favorite Big Doll. She is based on a generic girl character in many Korean textbooks. Fallon was sent a bobblehead of Chantal the Doll. We at Vulture got the exclusive interview, but a bobblehead is nice too.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Talk Big Doll With the Cast of Squid Game