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Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson Smooch As Jasmine and Aladdin on SNL

Photo: Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Genies really do grant wishes; they might just take a few years to come true. In 2017 during Weekend Update, Pete Davidson requested that Saturday Night Live “please use Pete in more sketches where he gets to kiss the host.” Four years later, Davidson has kissed not one but two Saturday Night Live hosts. During the first episode of 2021, Davidson gave a long kiss to host John Krasinski during his opening monologue, and last night he added another notch in the SNL host-smooch card.

On this week’s SNL, host Kim Kardashian West played Jasmine alongside Pete Davidson, who showed her a whole new world as Aladdin. Davidson’s Aladdin was insecure about his penis size until Bowen Yang’s Genie grants Aladdin’s final wish. The sketch closes out with Davidson and Kardashian West sharing a kiss on the magic carpet.

This isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian West has dressed up as the Disney princess. Back in 2016, she dressed up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween alongside her daughter North West. Let’s see if Davidson uses his final wish to kiss Rami Malek or Jason Sudeikis on the upcoming SNL episodes.

Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson Smooch on SNL