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Lana Del Rey Actually Paints Banisters Blue in Her ‘Blue Banisters’ Video

And the award for Most Literal Music Video goes to! Lana Del Rey released a visual for “Blue Banisters,” the title track from her upcoming album, and it indeed features her painting some banisters blue, alongside her “sisters,” presumably Jenny and Nikki Lane. If you’re coming for the titular action, stay to watch Del Rey ride a John Deere tractor, which she also sings about. Also true to the song lyrics, the video features Del Rey and her sisters baking birthday cake, one indeed with a baby on the way, and shows her broken weather vane atop her Oklahoma house. The only thing missing seems to be the chickens!

The video comes just days ahead of Blue Banisters release on October 22. It’s Del Rey’s second album of 2021, on the heels of May’s Chemtrails Over the Country Club, and was originally set to be released on July 4 before its October delay. She first teased “Blue Banisters” in April, posting a since-deleted clip of herself and then-fiancé Clayton Johnson; that clip is not part of the officially released music video. Del Rey then released “Blue Banisters” in full alongside two other songs, “Text Book” and “Wildflower Wildfire,” in May. Last month, she released the Blue Banisters single “Arcadia,” along with its not-quite-as-literal video.

Lana Del Rey Paints Banisters Blue in ‘Blue Banisters’ Video