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SNL: Watch Rami Malek Demand Treats From Please Don’t Destroy

Rami Malek has been a brave little boy. Where is his treat? This digital sketch didn’t run on NBC, but it still deserves your attention. Rami plays himself, chatting with the boys of Please Don’t Destroy on Thursday night of his hosting week. Malek explains that if he doesn’t get enough treats, he’s going to be on bad behavior. If you want to see Rami Malek fully inhabit the physicality of a cat that wants attention, or for Martin Herlihy to threaten an Oscar winner with gun violence, this is the sketch for you. October 16’s SNL saw Malek performing several weird li’l-guy performances: from a weird bug to a weird li’l dancer. The episode featured guest spots from normal big guy Daniel Craig and now-engaged guy Travis Barker.

Watch Rami Malek Demand Treats on SNL