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Rhys Darby Just Made the Weirdest Trailer for a Comedy Special You’ll Ever See

The trailer for Rhys Darby’s comedy special, Rhys Darby: Mystic Time Bird, is mostly just bird noises. And against all odds, it is … kind of a good thing! The Flight of the Conchords alum squawks, struts, and flaps his arms in imitation of a variety of New Zealand’s lush and plentiful avian life. “There is no creature on Earth that is as free as the bird,” he marvels. “Until, of course, it gets trapped in your house. Ca-caw!” It is mesmerizing to behold. “I’m proud to be working with Comedy Dynamics as I release this, my most personal, yet possibly, most ridiculous special, which honours my dearest Mumsy,” said Darby in a statement. Was his mumsy a bird?

Comedy Dynamics describes the special as “obscure observations, sound effects and silly banter, as he takes you on a fantastical journey into the world of mysticism, past lives … and birds.” And it looks to be a great leap forward for the hallowed tradition of Bird Comedy: Kids in the Hall’s Chicken Lady. Always Sunny’s Birds of War. Portlandia’s refrain of “Put a Bird on It!” And now, Rhys Darby: Mystic Time Bird on November 2, wherever you stream your comedy. Ca-caw!

Rhys Darby Made the Weirdest Trailer for a Comedy Special