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Watch the Very Spooky Halloween Episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

’Tis the spooky-ass season, and Samantha Bee recognizes that most American of celebrations: the Halloween episode. Wednesday night’s episode of Fear Frightal With Scaremantha Boo covered that most chilling of topics: rapidly inflating funeral costs. The average cost to take care of a dead person in America (including viewing, burial, and vault) in 2019 was over $9,000. As Bee points out, the scammiest part of the American way of death is the way the funeral industry takes advantage of people at their most emotionally vulnerable, much like Taylor Swift’s folklore. Previous Halloween content from Full Frontal includes tales of White House malfeasance, monster-movie promos, and an extremely yonic pumpkin.

Watch Samantha Bee’s Halloween Episode of Full Frontal