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Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg Are Hunting for Treasure and Trouble in Uncharted Trailer

Get your treasure maps ready, because Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are chasing whozits and whatzits galore in Uncharted. A prequel and origin story to the video games of the same name, Uncharted follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who discovers historical secrets from around the world. Holland will play Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg, who was originally cast as Nathan way back in 2010, will play Victor Sullivan, a father figure and fellow fortune-seeker. The reshuffling of the lead character is just another reminder that time passes, and that Mark is a zaddy and Peter Parker is a worthy heartthrob. In the trailer, we get to see a beautiful bonding moment between the adventure-seeking duo as Holland remarks, “I’m pretty sure he just threatened to kill me,” and Wahlberg lovingly responds with, “Don’t touch your ear like that; you look like an idiot.” Uncharted is exclusively coming to movie theaters February 18.

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg Hunt for Gold in Uncharted