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Paul Rudd to Analyze This Guy Played by Will Ferrell in The Shrink Next Door

“You’re a grown man hiding behind a wall of curtains,” Kathryn Hahn tells Will Ferrell in the trailer for The Shrink Next Door, and it’s not a euphemism. He’s literally crouching and panicked in the factory corner of the family garment business he runs. Ferrell plays nebbishy Marty, who visits a therapist played by Paul Rudd who oversteps an increasingly tall steeplechase of boundaries and ethics. What starts with a hug (and who wouldn’t want a Rudd hug?) turns into a manipulative friendship, weaseling his way into family events, Marty’s house, and eventually, his business. The eight-episode Apple TV+ series is based on a podcast that itself is based on a true story, and is written by Georgia Pritchett and directed by frequent Rudd-buddy Michael Showalter. Watch The Shrink Next Door in all its gray-paletted glory November 12.

Paul Rudd Is Will Ferrell’s Shrink Next Door