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Confused Sauce Boy Paul Mescal Gets to Date Phoebe Bridgers

Somebody roll the windows down! Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage

“paul thinks thousand island is called hundred years sauce.” Punisher artist and “Silk Chiffon” CVS shopper Phoebe Bridgers tweeted this bombshell datum on November 6, confirming two things at once:

1. Normal People actor Paul Mescal is a sweet dummy who probably pointed at a bottle of Thousand Island dressing somewhere and called it “hundred-years sauce,” and

2. Bridgers and the aforementioned sweet dummy are totally, probably dating.

Speculation about this particular celebrity couple has existed since summer 2020. That June, Bridgers told NME, ”I got a little pitter-patter in my heart” when Mescal followed her on Instagram, and a month later they were spotted canoodling in County Cork, Ireland. In December 2020, Mescal appeared in the music video for Bridgers’s “Savior Complex,” and just this past Halloween, Ziwe posted a photo of them in an MGK/Megan Fox couple’s costume. But the realest confirmation of all came on the night of what may henceforth be known as hundred-years-sauce-gate, when Mescal and Bridgers stepped out on the LACMA Gala red carpet.

I mean …

Screaming, crying, shaking, throwing up … Somebody roll the windows down!

Paul Mescal, Sauce Boy, Gets to Date Phoebe Bridgers