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Best The Beatles: Get Back Memes: Pretend Brits, George Getting Upset

Photo: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

Disney+ has rolled out its three-part docuseries on the Beatles, made entirely from never-before-seen restored footage of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Directed and produced by Peter Jackson, The Beatles: Get Back covers the years leading up to the band’s 1970 album Let It Be. In the days since its release, Twitter has graciously extracted the show’s most memorable moments for meme-ing purposes. There’s everything from the Beatles revealing they aren’t even real Brits to wanting to break up the band because of “Wonderful Christmas.” Here are the best memes from The Beatles: Get Back.

The Beatles, but all-American

And this is why British artists always sound American in their music.

The Grinch (2021)

The real reason why the Beatles broke up.

The Lord of the Wings

The fans think The Lord of the Ringo.

Bechdel Test Approved

It’s everything Alison Bechdel was hoping for.

A Model for Baroque Painters

Museums, commission his face now — before it’s too late.

Libma Balls

And I oop.

*Smooching Noises*

The backstory to “All My Loving.”

Yawning at Genius

Get friends who hype you up like Ringo and George.

Ringo Just Sitting

Always so diplomatic.

Say It Again

Magic in the making.

Austin Powers

Didn’t even know he wasn’t one of The Beatles.

Wee Willy Walnut

Lennon isn’t really nuts about this one. Ba dum tss…

Angry George

Watch part all three parts, out now on Disney+.

Best The Beatles: Get Back Memes: Fake Brits, Angry George