Billie Eilish Is No Longer Keeping Her Tattoos Secret

Billie Eilish debuts her hand tattoo at the London premiere of No Time to Die. Photo: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for EON Productions

They grow up so fast. In 2019, Billie Eilish told Vanity Fair she wanted to get “a tattoo, maybe?” in her third-annual video interview for the magazine. By 2020, Eilish said she’d gotten that tattoo — “but you won’t ever see it,” she told fans. Now, in her 2021 interview, she’s opening up about her not one, but three tattoos. It’s been a pivotal year for Eilish’s tattoos: In March of this year, she broke her promise from the 2020 video, debuting a tattoo of what appeared to be a dragon on her hip in a photo shoot for the cover of Vogue. Then, in September, she debuted another tattoo, of fairies on her hand, on the red carpet for the London premiere of No Time to Die. And in between, in a June cover story for Rolling Stone, Eilish revealed that she got her last name tattooed on her chest. “Lied again!” she exclaimed in the 2021 video, watching herself say in 2020 that fans would never see her tattoo. Eilish then went on to outline the stories behind her tattoos.

“Yes, I love myself,” she said of her “Eilish” chest tattoo. She also confirmed the hip tattoo is a dragon, which she got “right after” the 2020 video. And she said the fairies on her hand, which she just got “a few weeks” before the October 18 interview, “are from a book that I had growing up: a little fairy book called Fairyopolis.” As for future tattoos, Eilish added that she feels “pretty satisfied.” “No, I’m not gonna be all tatted up,” she said. “But I, you know, have some more ideas.”

Eilish also spoke further about her Vogue cover in the interview, which many took to indicate a new era for the pop star inspired by old Hollywood glamour. “It was a genre that we were doing a shoot for,” she explained, adding that it was jarring to see so many people forming opinions on it. “It was so weird because I was like, ‘It’s not a new style!’” Eilish said. “It’s one thing I wore. And then I’m gonna wear this another day, and then I’m gonna do this.”

Billie Eilish Is No Longer Keeping Her Tattoos Secret