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Hollywood Handbook Has Some Notes on the Bosch Spinoff Title

Bosch.0? Think about it! Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Vulture

Hollywood Handbook’s Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport are real Bosch-heads. Clements even named his dog after Titus Welliver’s gruff, jazz-loving detective. So when it was time to reveal the name of the IMDb TV spinoff show, it made perfect sense to do it on the preeminent podcast for industry insiders. Titus Welliver announced onstage at Vulture Festival that Bosch: Legacy would be coming out in 2022. Great news! But that title needs some work.

Davenport and Clements had some pitches for a more upbeat, zoomer-friendly show. Welliver was receptive, as he said that Bosch: Legacy kind of sounds like a show where Bosch becomes a vampire. The Boys suggested Nosh With Bosch, a food-based docuseries in the style of Somebody Feed Phil. Perhaps Bosch and J. Edgar can interrogate suspects at Tom Colicchio’s CRAFT in Century City. Get the Jidori Chicken, why not? Or if that doesn’t work, what about Bosch.0? Skip the gritty crime-drama stuff, let Bosch react to viral videos. It’ll save a lot of money, and can run basically indefinitely. At seven seasons, Bosch was Amazon Prime Video’s longest-running series; Bosch.0 could last three times that long.

Beyond the name and format pitches, the Boys got a demonstration of Welliver’s phone acting during the panel. The trick, Welliver said, is to pretend you’re hearing something interesting, even when you’re not. Welliver told the audience that he’s gotten a lot of flack on social media for Bosch’s phone etiquette — on the old series, nobody said good-bye at the end of phone conversations, which the trolls hated. So on Bosch: Legacy, Welliver made a point to say good-bye at the end of every phone call.

Bosch! (The dog!) Photo: Getty Images for Vulture

It was a touching panel, with Welliver inhabiting the role of Clements’s daddy, telling the podcaster that he’s very proud of him. And, of course, Bosch (the dog) met Bosch (the actor Titus Welliver).

Hollywood Handbook Has Some Notes on the Bosch Spinoff Name