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Hear Jenny Lewis Channel Her Inner Jimmy Buffett on ‘Puppy and a Truck’

Jenny Lewis has been taking some time to figure her shit out, if her latest single is to be believed. The former Rilo Kiley songstress hasn’t released a full-length album since 2019, and this latest single sees her thanking past her for saving enough money to reflect. What’s she reflecting on? That time she dated a psychopath. Things are chiller now, though. Lewis has a puppy named Bobby and a Chevy truck. The song has a breezy, conversational tone that echoes the retirement rock of Margaritaville’s own James Buffett. Strummy, beach bummy, and free. According to the AV Club, Lewis first debuted the song while on tour with Harry Styles. The song even features Bobby on backing vocals.

Hear Jenny Lewis Channel Jimmy Buffett on New Single