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‘Start the Healing’ With the First Track Off Korn’s 14th Studio Album

It’s been a year of ups and downs for Korn, vis-à-vis their place in our collective consciousness. On the plus side, it turns out Aaliyah was a Korn freak. Conversely, the entire genre of nü metal was blamed for the violence of Woodstock ’99 in the HBO doc Peace, Love, and Rage. But Jonathan Davis & Co. remain unfazed. The group started working on their 14th album, Requiem, at the start of the COVID lockdown. The tease for a new track began days ago, per Loudwire, with a cryptic billboard. Billboard teases have become standard operating procedure in the music industry, with folks like Tyler, the Creator and Drake availing themselves of one of the oldest forms of advertising. At midnight Thursday, November 11, Korn dropped “Start the Healing.” The song is Korn at its Korniest. Requiem comes out February 4, 2022.

Hear the First Track Off Korn’s 14th Studio Album