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Henry Winkler Calls Barry Season 3 the Most Dramatic Moment of His Career

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Vulture

Henry Winkler brought his passion for acting to The Winkler Method: A Henry Winkler Acting Class panel at Vulture Festival, hosted by Jen Chaney. When asked about the upcoming season of Barry, Winkler revealed that season three will be coming out sometime in March 2022 and that they’re finishing filming this Friday. He called the forthcoming season the most dramatic role of his entire career, a big statement coming from someone with a master’s degree in drama from Yale. Winkler also teased some upcoming storylines about his character, Gene Cousineau; he shared that Cousineau will be reuniting with someone close to his late wife and how he, as an actor, had to channel those emotions. He also praised Bill Hader’s directing during those scenes for the upcoming season.

When coaching actors during the panel, Henry Winkler was anything but the self-obsessed acting coach he plays on Barry; in the short time he spent with each actor, he invested every minute into helping them improve their performance. Winkler returned to several key questions when coaching the lucky actors during their monologues: Who are you talking to? What is the scene about? How do you feel? He told the actors to listen to their instincts and make a distinct choice to stand out from the rest in auditions. In each monologue, Winkler effortlessly dissected what each actor needs to elevate their performance. He hyped up the actors by reminding them what they needed to feel in the scene, even bringing an actress to tears as she gave an emotional monologue. Winkler left the actors and audience with advice that not only applies to acting but to life: “Your mind knows this much, but your instinct knows everything.”

Henry Winkler Calls Barry S3 the Most Dramatic of His Career