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If an Insecure Movie Ever Happens, Just Know Issa Rae Is ‘Down Bad’

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And just like that, the countdown to the Insecure finale begins. Then that’s it. No more. Fin. Many Saints of Inglewood? Please. Insecure: The Movie. Never, sigh. At Saturday night’s Vulture Festival event starring Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, and a bottle of prosecco, Rae made the heartbreaking confirmation that she has “no desire” to join the canon of HBO series that’ve found a second (or third or fourth …) life as a feature-film length. The fifth and final season of her breakthrough show will be all the story she has left to tell about Issa Dee & Co. Should that plan change, however, just know some accountant will pay! “If you see that an Insecure movie is coming, it means I’m down bad,” Rae explained to Vulture’s E. Alex Jung. “Just know she needs the money!” Sadly, this also puts a pin in any hopes for Orji to put her own spin on Insecure with a movie written by Orji, directed by Orji, and starring Orji and only Orji — The Molly Show, some might say. In fact, Rae said, the story was always meant to be told in five seasons and that was her intention from day one. How, exactly, it would end was more like an 11th-hour decision, though. Two weeks before shooting the series finale, “something just wasn’t working.” Rae said she rewrote some of the script. So, yes, two versions of the end of Insecure do exist and not even Orji knows this alternate conclusion … yet. “I’ll send it!” Rae swore.

What they both do know, however, is the top three men of Insecure that they’d each have liked to see their characters end up with. After careful thought and consideration, and in no particular order, Orji would give Molly her date from The League, Jidenna (“Yvonne’s choice,” per Rae 👀), and obviously Sterling K. Brown (“who’s happily married with children,” per Orji 👀). Rae’s numbers three and one came quick: Luke James and Daniel, respectively. Her runner-up? A tie between Nathan and Lawrence. But also Crenshaw. Always Crenshaw. And who would Molly pick for Issa Dee? Spoiler: also Daniel! “Molly didn’t even like him!” Rae fired back. The Molly of Orji’s one-woman writers’ room does though … and Issa said nothing of a reboot. Clink!

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