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Looks Like Katie Thurston Is Dating Another One of Her Bachelorette Contestants

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

If one relationship doesn’t work out, try going back to where you found it the last time. On national television! The Bachelorette star and vibrator aficionado Katie Thurston announced her relationship with former contestant John Hersey, who she kicked off during the second week of her season, to E! News Tuesday morning. She also made the relationship Instagram official with a video montage to Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)”, ending her “12 Days of Messy” on a positive note. In early September, Thurston posted a picture with Hersey captioning it, “Internet rumors lead me to this guy becoming a dear dear friend.” Hersey also posted a video to the gram, before the relationship became official, featuring Thurston and other Bachelor Nation alumni, proving himself to be the Instagram boyfriend of her dreams.

Thurston announced her break-up with ex-fiance Blake Moynes on October 25, citing that they are “not compatible as life partners.” Cue Olivia Rodrigo’s “traitor” on repeat. Moynes showed up as the surprise suitor in Thurston’s season only to be second place to acting student Greg Grippo, until he quit. If it makes Moynes feel any better, Bachelor relationships have been dropping like flies lately. Maybe Tayshia’s DMs are open?

Katie Thurston Dating Ex-Bachelorette Contestant John Hersey